Affiliate Stations


Kennebunkport – WMEK  (88.3 FM)

   Saturdays 3pm – 5pm (ET)

Portland – WRKJ  (88.5 FM)
   Saturdays  1pm – 3pm (ET)

   Sundays 11pm – 1am (ET)

Sanford – WSEW (88.7 FM)
    Saturdays 3pm – 5pm (ET)
    Sundays 11pm – 1am (ET)

 Williamsport – WCRH  (90.5 FM)  (Listen Live)
    Saturdays 12pm – 2pm (ET)

Branson – KLFC  (88.1 FM)  (LIsten Live)

Saturdays 7pm – 9pm (CT)

Camdenton – KCVO  SPIRIT FM (Listen Live)
(Lake of the Ozarks area)    Sundays 5am – 7am (CT)
91.7 FM
Knob Noster – KCVQ
(Knob Noster,
Warrensburg to Oak Grove)
89.7 FM
Osceola – KCVJ
100.3 FM
Otterville/Tipton – KCVK
107.7 FM
Dixon – KCVZ
92.1 FM
Salem – KCVX
91.7 FM
Cabool – KCVY
89.9 FM
Kirksville – KVSR
90.7 FM
Chillicothe – KCKE
90.3 FM
89.5 FM
104.1 FM
Jefferson City
106.5 FM
St. Joseph

91.1 FM

St. Louis – KEZK HD3 the Spirit (102.5-3 FM) (Listen Live)
  Sunday nights 10pm – 12mid (CT)

Omaha/Lincoln – KCRO (660 AM)  (Listen Live)
   Monday thru Sundays (every evening) 11pm – 1am CT
New Hampshire
Conway –  WMTP  (91.1 FM)

   Saturdays 1pm – 3pm (ET)

New Durham – WWPC (91.7 FM)
    Saturdays 1pm – 3pm (ET)
    Sundays 11pm – 1am (ET)

North Carolina
Lexington/Winston-Salem – WBFJ  (89.3 FM) (Listen Live)
    Sundays 10pm – Midnight (ET)


Cincinnati – TOUCH FM  (Listen Live) THIS STATION PLAYS CHRISTIAN CLASSICS 24/7   Saturdays 8am – 10am (ET)

WKWX (88.9 FM) Cincinnati, OH & East Central, IN
WKCX (89.1 FM) most of Northern, KY
WCNX. (92.1 FM) Covington, Newport & Taylor Mill, KY
WCXE, (95.5 FM) Erlanger, Burlington, Union, Florence & Hebron, KY
WYNS (89.1 FM) Lebanon, Springboro, Franklin, Middletown & Waynesville, OH
WCXX (105.5 FM) Kenwood, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Norwood, Newtown, Amberly, Reading, Madeira, Indian Hill, OH

Beaumont – KLBT (88.1 FM)  (Listen Live)

    Saturdays 8am – 10am (CT)

San Antonio – KYTY (810 AM)  (Listen Live)
    Saturdays 7am – 9am (CT)

    Sundays 4pm – 6pm (CT)


Omak – KZBE (104.3 FM)
    Sundays 8am – 10am (PT)


GCR/Genesis Christian Radio (based in England)
   Saturdays 2pm – 4pm (GMT)


Heart Radio USA  (based in San Antonio) (Listen Live) TEMPORARY OFF THE AIR
Saturdays 4pm – 6pm  (CT)

Praise Radio (based near Dallas, TX) (Listen Live)
Saturdays 8am – 10am (CT)

Sundays 10pm – 12am (CT)

ClassicChristian247 (based in Chicago) (Listen Live)  THIS STATION PLAYS CHRISTIAN CLASSICS 24/7

Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-4pm and 2am-4am (CT)

Lead Me To The Rock Radio (based in Sacramento, CA)  (Listen Live)

Saturdays 10pm – 12mid (PT)


LIGHT RADIO STL (Listen Live) (based in St. Louis, MO)  (Listen Live) TEMPORARY OFF THE AIR

Sundays 12noon – 2pm (CT)


Sundays 5 – 7 (am & pm) (PT) Only Christmas programs during the holidays


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    1. An affiliate station is a radio station (either on the radio or the internet) that carries a program (such as your local network TV station like ABC, CBS, etc.) Did you look at our affiliate radio stations listing?

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